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More Amoure (Ma.) has been featured in a recent article discussing our brand's journey and vision for the future.

In the article, discover how Ma. was born out of a passion for fashion and a desire to create something impactful. Explore our founder's aspirations, from blending luxury and streetwear to tackling social issues like period poverty and homelessness.



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Beyond Fashion: More amoure (Ma.) the brand


More amoure (Ma.) is a social impact clothing brand founded by medical student Roland Gyamfi

In today's fast-paced world, the intersection of fashion and social responsibility is becoming increasingly prominent, and consumers seek brands that align with their values. 

Ma. rises to the occasion, by blending fashion with a heartfelt commitment to social impact, armed with an ethos of showing “more luv” to one another.
From its humble beginnings to its impactful initiatives, the brand embodies a new era of conscious fashion, where every purchase is a step towards the mission of making a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and communities globally.

At the heart of the brand lies a deep-seated belief in the power of fashion and that it can bring positive changes. Inspired by the giving nature of his grandmother and a desire to continue her legacy of generosity and kindness, Roland embarked on a journey to create a brand that not only combines luxury and streetwear but also makes a tangible difference in the world.

Through the "More Action" campaign, Ma. goes beyond the realm of fashion, tackling issues like period poverty and supporting the homeless in Birmingham.






Roland says about his business:

"A medical student running a clothing brand during his 5th year of medical school is not something you hear of very often! I am very grateful to the B-Enterprising team at the University of Birmingham, who supported my dream by giving us a £500 Start-Up fund, which went towards our sample costs for our winter collection. Designing and iterating pieces has quickly become one the most expensive parts of this journey.

"To me, Ma. is much more than just a clothing brand. I truly do believe it can become a major movement, inspiring individuals to join the cause and be part of something greater than themselves."

"Everything Ma. has done so far, has been organised and completed by myself with the help of friends. I can only imagine what we could achieve as a commu­­nity if more people came together to simply do good."

"The fact that something I envisioned has now become a tangible reality is surreal at times and so incredibly rewarding. The fashion industry is a trillion-pound industry, consider what impact we could make by tapping into only a little bit of that massive pie."


Roland's advice for anyone starting a business?

"Start yesterday. Planning can help you greatly when it comes to executing effectively but do not let perfectionism or fear hold you back from starting. I wish I had started sooner and was able to make all the mistakes as soon as possible. Making a costly mistake when your business is worth £10,000, is arguably much better than making the same mistake when your business is worth 1 million pounds. So fail fast, fail often and never give up."

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