Telford Foodbank Collection

On the 27th of May we had an extremely successful More Action initiative thanks to you.

The day started off with Myself, Drew and Hari setting up our stall on the grass outside of Telford meeting point house. They had kindly allowed us to use their space for the event.

By 10AM we were all set up, armed and ready to go with 100+ More amoure pieces to be exhanged for Foodbank donations to Telford Crisis Support.


Foodbank collection table in Telford town centre south water

A time was had with people slowly trickling in and bringing their donations in exchange for their More amoure T-shirts, SnapBacks and skullcaps. We were chanting, doing challenges and talking to the public. Even with the irregular west midlands weather. It was truly a wonderful day in Telford town centre. 


Two people holding up signs for the More amoure Telford crisis support foodbank collection

After we wrapped up a successful day myself and Monaliza then brought all the donations the next day. Both our car were completely packed! Getting the donations in and out of the cars proved a big challenge!


A view of a few of the donations made at our table in Telford town centre


A big shout out and thank you goes out to Telford meeting point house for letting us use their grass,

and most importantly to you - our famaly! None of this is possible without you and we are extremely grateful for the amazing community we have and continue to build.


Roland and Monaliza delivering the fodbank donations to Telford Crisis Support.



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